Sometimes things happen in life that can leave you deep in debt and feeling very overwhelmed, and sometimes bankruptcy is the best option to change your circumstances.  The idea of filing for bankruptcy often frightens people because of the concern they might lose everything or the effect it will have on their credit.  But filing for bankruptcy can be the best financial decision a debtor can make.  Bankruptcy will usually help debtors protect their exempt assets, allowing them to keep exempt property and get their lives or business, or both, back on track.  Credit is affected in bankruptcy but will still be preferred over the effects of missed payments, repossessions, lawsuits, evictions or foreclosures, and insurmountable debt.

We handle Chapter 7 bankruptcies.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy requires qualification based on income.  If you qualify your debts will be forgiven and you will be able to keep exempt assets such as your home, car, and pension.

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