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We write title opinions and prepare mineral ownership reports for mineral owners and oil companies.  We work with a network of abstractors and landmen to get the information you need to you accurately and efficiently.

We have extensive experience in the Bakken.  If you’ve received an offer from an oil company to lease your minerals, we can review the lease so you can be sure you’re getting the best terms.

For mineral owners who also own surface rights, we’ll draft or review the surface use agreement to help preserve the value of your land and your enjoyment of it.

Wind and Solar leases, like mineral leases, can often be quite complex.  If you own land and are interested in leasing to a wind or solar energy company, we can help you get the best deal and maximize your land’s potential.


If you own property you want to protect your investment and realize your goals. Property transactions can be overwhelming. We are here to walk you through every step of the process. We can draft, review, and modify lease and sale agreements to fit your needs and maximize your property’s potential. Whether you want to perform a transaction with commercial or residential property, or the surface or mineral conveyances, we are here to assist.  We also handle the following to protect your rights:

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